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Digital Transformation

Extensive experience, architecting innovative digital sales channels

Direct to Consumer Digital Advisory

Convert your direct to consumer business vision into reality by formulating a best in market proposition, leveraging proven digital architecture an integrating growth technology tools, to deliver an optimized Direct to Consumer digital product and/ or service in market, faster and at lower cost, while generating exponential growth from day 1

UI/ UX Architecture and Design

Leverage proven conversion optimized UI, UX frameworks to ensure digital applications maximize business growth and aligned with business objectives. Spend less time on creating “pretty” apps and more time on launching responsive apps thats drive revenue

eCommerce Architecture and Deployment

Provide eCommerce expertise, custom tailored for direct to consumer concepts and digital modality to ensure product and service architected at launch to maximize revenue generation. Over 100 years and $1 billion in combined team eCommerce experience, our advisory will ensure the largest revenue production for your direct to consumer environment

Performance Driven Branding and Design

Develop brand name, design, unified mission and associated design elements optimized for performance and growth

Consumer Sentiment Testing

Deploy real, in market tests, to make key decisions regarding your direct to consumer business, including proposition, branding, service, feature development. Our tests are 100% actionable, driven by in market user behavior, not easily manipulated survey data.


Pulse App Registration

Boost Mobile

Boost One App


Insurance lead gen

Customer Acquisition

Online distribution experience across tier 1 digital D2C companies

Acquisition Growth Strategy and Advisory

Develop omni channel acquisition strategy tailor made for your direct to consumer category, brand and budget that maximizes your long term growth potential

Acquisition Optimized Product UI/ UX Architecture and Design

Redesign and rearchitect apps, websites and any digital environment, leveraging proven designs and technology that maximize your product or services growth potential

Direct Response Acquisition Marketing

$500M under paid ad network management, we can deliver the best performing, most optimized, and most efficient paid marketing operation across any paid marketing channel



Leverage extensive expertise leveraging data, lead capture, and free retargeting in paid social channels, to build out your paid social program, more scaleable and at significantly lower cost.

Google Ads

Develop world class search, display, and shopping paid marketing strategy from ground up, using advanced big data methodologies and leveraging JSM proprietary technology to more efficiently grow and scale your business in proven channels

Amazon Services

Extend your team with JSM to manage your Amazon sales program including storefront development, paid media management, creative, design inventory and sales operations, with millions in sales experience.


Architect and execute a scaleable, tier 1 affiliate program that removes operational complexity and ensures high quality leads and sales at the lowest possible cost.


Build sales channels via "old" media, leveraging cutting edge technology to track, measure, and optimize TV similarly to your digital campaigns.


Landing Pages

Our Growth Marketing Platform enables full funnel acquisition flexibility to A/B test ad content, audiences and onsite web and app experiences to better optimize paid marketing performance.

Facebook Messanger

Reach more people with Facebook Messenger Ads and convert them into customers by sending people into conversations with your business.


Develop proven digital to telesales sales flows and funnels, leveraging JSM proprietary tech that drive high LTV customers for more complex sales propositions, better converted via agent then digital.


Drive meaningful revenue communicating with customers within the most popular apps

Lead Generation Management

Drive down your overall cost per acquisition with a lead management strategy and operation entirely designed to enable remarketing, across any communication channel for 100% FREE in perpetuity and at scale

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Develop proven SEO strategies and product design to maximize your digital footprint and enable free customer acquisition at scale




Landing page

Saber es Poder

Onboarding flow

Revenue Generation

Ecommerce conversion expertise driving more than 50 million monetized transactions and $500 million in combined revenue

Revenue Strategy and Advisory

Develop revenue strategy customized for your direct to consumer category, leveraging technology, payment methods, renegagement communications platforms, and promotional strategy that maximizes your long term revenue potential

Revenue Optimized UI/ UX Architecture and Design

Architect direct to consumer digital modalities, leveraging optimized technology, design frameworks to maximize revenue generation across business.

Campaign Management and Deployment

Maximize revenue potential by developing and deploying scalable monetization engagement program, custom tailored for your list of available product and services, leveraging proven strategies and best in class platform to optimize performance

Cross Channel Revenue Generation

Develop cross channel programs, including digital to phone or digital to SMS to drive additional incremental revenue across business

eCommerce Optimization

Redesign your funnel and or checkout page to deliver 10-50% incremental revenue growth with proven designs enhancements that improve conversions rates and increase revenue per user.

Nation Media

Lead gen


Fitness & Nutrition App


Telemedicine App

Hire us to be your plug-in growth marketing team.